6 Reasons Why a Hot Shower Is Good For You

There’s nothing better than taking a nice hot shower at the end of a long, tiring day. Not only does it feel refreshing on our skin, but it also helps to soothe our aching muscles. Furthermore, pair it up with some nice music playing in the background and it’s the perfect way to relax after a stressful time at the office. 

There are plenty of health benefits to taking hot showers. In this article, we’re going to be looking at a few important ones:

It Helps You Fall Asleep

A lot of us workaholics have trouble falling asleep at the end of the day. This is primarily because both our bodies and minds are still worked up.

Hot water is a very effective relaxant. It increases our body temperature slightly, which in turn forces our tensed muscles to ease up, allowing us to fall asleep much quicker.  So if you want to break that ling-running spell of insomnia, we recommend that you get in touch with best supplier of solar hot water Sunshine Coast has to offer.

It Soothes Stiff Muscles

Got a stiffness in your neck that you just can’t get rid of? Before you spend your hard-earned money on an expensive massage, try soaking in a hot water shower first. As mentioned above, your body temperature will be raised and in turn all of your muscles will start to relax.

It Lowers Your Blood Sugar Level

Struggling to normalize your blood sugar levels? Frequent hot water showers might just be the answer. In a study conducted by Loughborough University recently, researchers looked into what effect hot water baths have on our blood sugar control as well as the amount of calories burned. The results were very promising, showing that a one hour hot water soak burned the same quantity of calories as a thirty-minute walk. 

While a hot water bath isn’t a replacement for proper workout and healthy diet, it can certainly supplement your weight loss regime.

It Lowers Your Blood Pressure

If you’re struggling with hypertension, regular hot water baths might just be what the doctor ordered. Several studies have found links between bathing in hot water and lowered blood pressure in participants.

It Improves Our Blood Flow

Hot water baths are great for improving our circulation too. The raised body temperature will cause our heart to beat a bit faster, akin to the effect of doing some light cardio. Hence, whenever you’re too lazy and decide to skip the gym, you can make up for it with a twenty minute hot water soak.

It Helps To Alleviate Headaches

Most headaches are caused when the blood vessels running across your head are constricted. This reduces the flow of blood in that area, leading to pain. When our internal body temperature is raised, these blood vessels begin to dilate and circulation is normalized.  So the next time you feel like your head is about to split, draw yourself a hot water bath and take a relaxing soak.

As you can see hot water showers can bring us a ton of health benefits. In fact, the above six reasons are just a few from the entire list of pros.

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