A Newbie’s Guide to Off-roading – 5 Things to Consider

Are you new to off-roading? There are several things to keep in mind as a newbie. They’d not only let you have a better time, but a safer one too. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Bike or 4WD

When off-roading, you can either use a four-wheel drive or a dirt bike. Dirt bikes can cover more distance – they’re incredibly agile. But 4WD are the most popular choice. You’ll be able to drive through the roughest terrain.

When it comes to dirt bikes, there are two main types. You can choose between gas and electric ones. The gas options are the fastest. However, they cost more in the long run, as they require a lot of maintenance.

If you’re going the electric route, be very mindful of who you’re buying from. Although you don’t have to maintain them often, the price to purchase them can be more. That’s why working with a quality dealer is important. If you’re thinking of buying from large names like Sur Ron Australia thankfully has superb sellers.

How Isolated Is the Trail?

How new are you to off-roading? If you live down-under, you’d know that there are many trails for you to use. The majority of them are isolated, though – they are far away from the nearest town. Being a beginner, you need to stay from such roads. You could injure yourself and have no one to help.

Make sure that the road isn’t too long either. Some of them can run across entire countries.

Don’t Go Alone

Off-roading alone can sound tempting. However, you’re not ready for it yet. Even if you’re going to be riding on a road near a town, anything could happen to you; you’re in the wilderness. Being in a group would not only keep you safe, but you’d be able to learn the ropes from the people around you.

Have Gear

Four-wheel drives are basically tanks. Driving such heavy vehicles on muddy roads can be a pain – you might even get stuck in mud. When this happens, you’ll need chains to help you lift the vehicle.

There is a plethora of gear to help with muddy terrain, actually. They are called anti-bogging equipment.

When it comes to dirt bikes, worrying about getting stuck in mud won’t be an issue. You can tip-toe through the muddy sections.

Speaking of different terrain, stay clear of icy roads. This is especially true for dirt-bikes. They are agile, so losing control on an icy road would be a very real possibility.

Enjoy the Terrain

Off-roading is all about being one with nature. Don’t pick a trail just because everyone says it’s good. You want one that has a scenery that you’ll enjoy. Doing some research online would let you find such an option.

Final Thoughts

The above points would help any newbie. What did you think of them? There is more to consider, but they are the most important. From the assortment, not choosing a trail that is very isolated is the most important.

Be sure to go in a group as well. If anything were to happen to you, your friends would be able to help.

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