Author: Marcie Popham


How to Add Flare to Company Holiday Gifts?

Thinking about how to make your business gifts this season stand out? Here’s a handful of tips that might help: Personalise, Personalise, Personalise When it comes to corporate gift giving, personalisation is key. Personalisation grabs attention and makes the gift feel special. In other words, it works rather similarly to […]


Things to Consider When Moving

Change is something we can never avoid but adapting to changes can be harder than we anticipate. Especially when it’s something like changing your entire town, home and job. Moving can be physically and mentally exhausting given that there are many things to consider before making any final decisions lest […]


Refrigerator Maintenance Tips For Everyone

Refrigerator has become an important part in everyone’s kitchen. In fact, when it comes to cooking and preparing meals in the kitchen, sometimes the refrigerator is a vital part. But in order to ensure that you can use your refrigerator whenever you want to store something or keep your desserts […]