Benefits of a Backup power Generator

Homeowners with backup power generators understand the experience of relief when a power outage happens, and their lights and appliances remain on. Being the only household in the community to run an A/C is not the only benefit of having a battery backup generator. A home power generator will keep your family warm and secure when powerful storms shut down the power in your home. Adding a home power generator can be a simple home improvement work.

People prefer to buy backup power generators only before or in the weeks after a big storm. This can lead to a hasty decision and a generator that’s the wrong size for your house. Think about your choices before a storm hits to make sure you’re buying a generator that’s right for your needs.

What Causes Power Outages?

According to the Congressional Research Service (CRS) survey, Weather-Related Power Outages and Electrical System Resilience, almost 50% of major power outages are due to extreme weather conditions. Most of these extreme weather events are caused by lightning, rain and wind. The CRS found that the next big cause of significant power cuts is equipment failure (almost 30 percent). No matter what the source, massive power outages impact millions of homeowners, and they can cause mayhem on you and your home.

What Are the Benefits of a Backup or A Full House Generator?

3 of the key benefits of having a standby or full house generator mounted over a portable generator are:

  1. The backup generator supplies electricity automatically. You don’t really have to be around to hold your home electricity when there’s a power outage. If you’re out on holiday and there’s a power outage, a backup generator will make sure your pump works and your home protection system remains armed. The best part is that you can easily rent one from companies like Aggreko generator rentals.
  • The standby generator will control as long as you need it. Many portable generators have a limit for the amount of electricity they can provide, forcing you to either have several generators or restrict the appliances you want to power. If you, want a standby generator will power your entire home.
  • A backup power generator will run for as long as you need energy. A standby generator is driven by natural gas or propane, so there is no need to refill. A portable generator is like your vehicle – it takes frequent fuel to keep going.

Why Should I Have A Backup or Whole House Generator Installed?

There are several reasons you would want to install a battery backup in your home. A backup, or even a whole house, generator works as an insurance policy, giving you ease of mind that your home is still safe. Whole house generators will also protect your home from dangerous power surges and surges when power is back from a hurricane or a natural disaster. Connecting a backup generator will make you more comfortable knowing that your loved ones are protected.

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