Essential Dog Training Supplies for a Pet Owner

Whether you’re a new pet owner or you have been a pet owner for a while, dog training is something that can help you. And when it comes to teaching some tricks to your pet, there are necessary tools and equipment that you need to have. Take a look at the following to see what are some of the training supplies that you can purchase.


Most pet owners purchase a leash as one of the first pet supplies. But when it comes to training you will need to have a leash that is a little longer – at least six feet – and allow you a strong grip. Training a dog to walk on loose leash will give them plenty of exercise necessary for an active lifestyle while also giving them good mental stimulation.

Collars/ Harness

A collar offers a few benefits. Collars are used to hold a tag of identification to that you pet can be returned to if lost. But there are also different types of collars and harnesses that are made for different training needs.

For example, a flat collar or martingale collar can be used for positive reinforcement of your pet. A head halter or a harness will be good for pets who are a little tough to manage. You can look for different types of collars and harnesses in stores that sell pet and livestock training supplies.

Dog Crate

A dog crate is something that will make house training your pet easier. A crate keeps your dog confined in a safe space. This is especially helpful at times where you are unable to supervise or look after them. Crates will prevent your dogs from developing certain behaviours that can be hard to handle such as destructive behaviours.

Calming Aids

These are a type of tool you need to own if you have a dog who gets frightened easily. Some dogs get fearful when there is a thunderstorm or fireworks. In such cases having a few different calming tools to your pet training supply can help.

For example, tools like thunder-shirt can be wrapped around your dog’s ears to keep them safe from the noise of fireworks or thunderstorms. You can also try DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) sprays to keep them calm during moments you they are showing a phobia.

Dog Treats

There is nothing better than dog treat to give your dog positive reinforcement during training. Treats will keep your pet motivated, and is a good way to reward them for good behaviour. Make sure that the training treats are small and easy so your dog can eat them quickly in between training. There are many different kinds of treats to buy in pet stores so you can choose a type that your pet loves to keep them encouraged.

Training you pet is a great way to encourage good behaviour from them. This will keep both your pet as well as everyone around them safe. Make sure you have the right tools that can both help and guide your dog and you will be able to manage and look after them perfectly.

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