How Do You Maintain A Car’s Battery?

If you’re the owner of a car, you know how important its battery is to its survival. That’s why it’s common to see vehicle owners invest quite heavily in them.

Of course, you’d want to take good care of these batteries as they’re so expensive. Below, we’ll be discussing how you can do that. So, keep reading if you want to know the top maintenance tips to keep your car’s battery in perfect condition.

Is It Heat Protected?

The interior of your car can get very hot. Although its battery is built to withstand high temperatures, it can get too high for it. This is dangerous since the battery is made up of many chemicals, so it needs to stay away from such heat. That’s why manufacturers have created insulating boxes to store it away from the engine’s heat. The insulation can come in many forms but the most common is an insulation sleeve that runs across its surface.

You need to regularly check the engine, inspecting how maintained the insulation is. If it seems to be withering away, you need to act fast.

Does It Have Protective Greasing?

There are special greases you can add to the exterior of the battery. It shields it from the engine’s heat and stops corrosion from taking place. As you can imagine, corrosion would deteriorate it completely, making it unusable in a few months.

Although it does a great job preventing corrosion, its heat protection is not as heavy duty as an insulating sheet. However, it’s much cheaper than its counterpart.

Can You Prevent Chemical Spills?

As mentioned, the batteries are full of harmful chemicals. They’re so toxic they can burn through your hand. Hence, you’d want to keep as much distance from its inside to you as possible. Thankfully, you can do this with the aid of a storage box.

These are cases you attach the vehicle’s battery to. Once inside, it will act as a protective barrier between you and any battery liquid. What’s more is, it shields the engine of the car from the chemicals which could destroy the battery, even the car.

Unfortunately, each case acts differently. Things like noco storage are best as it’s made from the most protective casings.

Is It Filthy?

If it’s filthy, your car won’t last long. The accumulated muck will affect how well the battery carries a charge, reducing its power over time. Therefore, it’s obvious why you should prevent this from happening.

To ensure this prevention, take the battery out regularly and clean its terminals with a wire brush. If you’re afraid of doing this on your own, you can bring your vehicle to an auto-shop and get them to do it. If not, you’d need to mix baking soda with distilled water and rub it on the terminals.

Thankfully, this doesn’t have to take place often as it’s only necessary every 7 months or so.

As you can see, there are numerous ways you can maintain the condition of your vehicle’s battery. Hopefully, you found the mentioned points useful, utilizing its information to take care of your car.

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