How to Add Flare to Company Holiday Gifts?

Thinking about how to make your business gifts this season stand out? Here’s a handful of tips that might help:

Personalise, Personalise, Personalise

When it comes to corporate gift giving, personalisation is key. Personalisation grabs attention and makes the gift feel special. In other words, it works rather similarly to how personalisation in advertising works. The golden rule of corporate gift giving is to personalise it as much as possible. Don’t make the gift seem like it was sent as a stock present.

There are different ways to personalise a gift. For high value business partners or investors, the company may want to highly personalise the gift. It’s best to address high-value recipients directly and perhaps write their cards by hand. This is not obviously possible for everyone. So the level of personalisation can differ between how valuable the recipient is to the company. In any case, include at least the full name.

Get Great Packaging

Presentation is everything when it comes to products, branding, and even gifts in business. Even if the gift isn’t anything much, due to budget constraints, a well-designed and branded custom cardboard box can make it seem even more valuable. Therefore, getting excellent packaging for the gifts is a must.

Generally speaking, the company name and logo on the packaging is a good step. However, don’t make it seem the same as the company logo in everything else. Design the packaging uniquely in a manner that reflects the occasion and also offers something different from the usual.

Don’t Shy Away from Colours

Don’t stick to “business-y” colours strictly or just the colours of your company logo. It’s great if you can find new ways to present the company’s usual colours. Other than that, don’t hesitate to make use of bright new shades that really catch the eye.

Pick colours that match the gift giving occasion. But you might want to think about whether what you have chosen can stand out from the competition. So avoid stock colours like red and white for Christmas. The goal is to make your gift stand out, so be liberally creative in this regard.

Don’t Give Things that Scream “Business Gift”

Choosing what to give as gifts for customers and investors can be tough at times. Some businesses can easily choose what to offer, while others may struggle. However, avoid things like pens or notepads that recipients often ignore. Don’t give the same things as others.  Gift cards are fine, especially for customers. For high-value recipients, consumables might be better. The gift doesn’t necessarily have to depend on the nature of the business as long as it meets recipient expectations.

Offer Multiple Small Items in One Package

You can gift one big item in a package, or multiple small things. When budget is an issue, offering several low-cost items might be the way to go. In this way, the customer won’t be offended by or be uninterested with one little thing. There might be a choice here as well. Pick two or three budget-friendly items, or pick one and throw in a gift card for good measure.

Sending corporate gifts don’t have to be a complete nightmare when you follow the above suggestions. Always keep expectations in mind, and it won’t go wrong.

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