How to choose the best bell boots for your horse?

When it comes to horse care, one of the most important things that you should take care of is the health of the horse legs. Horse’s legs are naturally weak and prone to getting damaged as they have no natural protection against damage in their legs and ankles.

In order to keep the horses safe and to guarantee that there will not health complications that would affect their performance, there is nothing better than giving them the needed protection that comes with the horse boots. One of the most common types of boots used in horse care are bell boots. These boots are also known as overreach boots that will easily provide protection to the legs and the hooves of the horses:

Reasons to use bell boots

If the horses have an overreach to in their hind feet, it will affect the sensitivity bulbs in the front hooves. This will cause trouble to their health. With the use of the overreach boots, it will prove the protection that will not only keep the horse from damaging the hooves but will also save you from a financial cost as well.

These boots are mostly useful for horses who are engaged cross country, reining, roping, jumping, barrel racing and what not. This is a must do in order to make sure that your horse is safe and that they can keep up their greatest performance.

The type of the bell boots

When you are in the search for the bell boots, you will find them in three main different types which as lined bells boot overreach boots and pull-on boots. All these 3 types of boots will have different functions and it is important that you are well aware of their function so that you can pick out what is best for your horse and the work that they do.

Open bell boots are a simple type of a boot that can be easily wrapped around. These boots are made out of a protective covering that will boost up the horse’s performance and will also aid in shock absorption. A type of an open bell boot are lined bell boots that provide a comfortable fit for the horse to avoid rubbing marks and scoring in the coronary bands. The other option that you have are rubber pull on bell boots which are commonly used as they provide full protection to the horse during the performance and not. These boots are ideal to provide protection to the horse no matter the weather type and the environment.

Find a reputed supplier

To make sure that you can find any of the ores boots in the design that you are looking for is to find a supplier. Therefore, be sure that you find a supplier who can easily provide you with the finest quality horse suppliers and even deliver them to your home.

Doing a bit of research about the supplier will help in choosing the best.

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