How to Choose the Right Flexible Office for Your Business

Flexible offices are becoming more popular these days especially among companies and businesses. Instead of building their own office where they could do daily operations, they only need to find and rent a good office space at the perfect location they prefer.

There are different kinds of flexible offices; two of the most common are serviced offices and coworking spaces. Although they could serve the same purpose, these two have huge differences when it comes to their features. If you’re looking for an office space for your business, it is best to pick the right one to boost productivity and make every work day a lot convenient for everyone.

Here’s a simple guide on how to choose which one suits your company best – a coworking space or a serviced office.


Coworking spaces and serviced offices differ greatly in their design. Coworking spaces usually have a more casual and relaxed atmosphere. Since it mainly encourages collaboration, you could expect more open floor plans and common spaces. The design could vary depending on each space however, they usually look more creative and modern styled.

Serviced offices, on the other hand, tend to give off a professional or corporate atmosphere. Its layout is not much open unlike coworking spaces. In fact, it is usually divided into individualized working cubicles with some private offices for the whole team. Serviced offices are perfect for those looking for a workspace that encourages quiet and head down work. Check out some of these good Kangaroo Point offices to see which one suits your business type.

Workspace Style

Aside from the design, they also differ greatly in workspace style. Coworking spaces encourages collaboration and teamwork with open floor plans. It also gives importance on the lifestyle of the workers – providing amenities such as bars, nap areas, pool tables, and others that improve employee well-being. There are options whether you want a shared desk with other workers, a dedicated desk, or a whole room for your whole team.

Serviced offices are different because they are more compartmentalized – cubicle working spaces, individual desks, and private offices. Although it has shared facilities such as meeting rooms, it doesn’t offer facilities that support employee well-being.


Coworking spaces are usually used by freelancers and people who are still doing start-up in their company or business. The work culture is usually lead by a community manager who helps maintain the workspace culture and orient newcomers to the ways of the office. It is more casual and lighter, having fun events more often than traditional workplaces.

On the other hand, serviced offices are usually utilized by companies looking for short term workspace for a certain project or during building renovation or repair. The culture all depends on the team of employees rather than facilitated by a single community manager.

With all those basic information about the two popular types of flexible offices, choosing the right one for your company is now made easier than before.

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