How to Plan A Corporate Event?

The joy of attending a corporate event vanishes away with the pressure of organizing it. Well, say perks of being a manager!

So, what to do when your boss commands you to host a corporate party in the city of Melbourne?

Oh, it is even bigger trouble if your firm has over fifty employees and all the senior guests. Though there is no chance, you can let your boss down! So here we have simplified a guide that can help you organize a happening party.

How to organize a corporate event?

Undoubtedly, this is a huge responsibility, and you have to make sure to throw an energized and inspiring party. It could be a bit overwhelming if you have never done event planning before on a professional level. Worry not! There is always help out there. You can team up with an event planner to execute your idea.

Understand the purpose of the event

You have got the opportunity to show off your leadership qualities; make it worth it! Usually, a firm hosts an event to communicate to all and convey a message. 

Either it could be diverting them towards a new company goal or refreshing the company morale in every employee. So, the first bit is to identify why this event is taking place.

Here are a few general event reasons:

  • Building team spirit and bonding
  • To brainstorm ideas and plan for the upcoming year
  • Launching a new product or a service
  • A celebration for hitting a milestone 
  • Entertaining gathering on a specific holiday

Outline the plan

Once you have learned the objective, create a brief of how you want the event to take place, even if you are handing it over to the event planner.

The plan should include:

  • The event motives
  • The message that has to be shared
  • The number of attendees
  • Event setup- formal and informal
  • The theme of the event
  • The budget for the event

The purpose of this plan is to create a pre-vision of the event. The event planner will look after the venue, food, and drinks. However, do provide them with additional information. For instance, ask them to check out event alcohol cart hire in Melbourne if your event requires one. After all, some parties are incomplete without cocktails, while some parties only demand fresh juices.

See the bigger picture

Unquestionably, the event planners are far more experienced and know how to execute it. However, to make sure to nail the event, a small brief would not work. Thus, party planners are not part of the company. Therefore, you need to give them a background of the business’s nature, details about the events held in the past, and the company culture.  

Hence, these company insights will allow the planners to organize an event that is so familiar to your firm.

Trust the professionals

Yes, you want to know what is happening every other second; after all, the boss had given the responsibility to you. However, it is not practical to disturb the planners asking for an update. You have to keep some faith in them and let them do what they do the best. Focus on the whole picture.

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