How to Plan A Washroom in Limited Space?

One of the main areas of a home is a washroom and when you are building one in a limited space there can be many challenges that you will have to deal with. That said you do not need to compromise on the aesthetic appeal of the area if you know how to plan and design the area well enough and work smart with the limited space that you have been provided. Here are some great ways in which you can work well with the space that has been provided to you.

Install A Corner Sink as Much as You Can

If the space that you have is actually really small be smart when you choose the allure bathroom accessories and also install a corner sink instead of a pedestal one. Having a sink that is pedestal can actually come in the way of the traffic lane of a washroom if it is really small.

In this situation you should always try to position your corner sink across from the toilet because it will work better than having tis across from your shower. This is especially true if there is a shower door because the opening and the closing of this door will then become rather awkward.

Try and Opt for A Shower Curtain

Another factor that you can take into consideration to save space would be to eliminate the shower door feature altogether and opt instead for a shower curtain that can be moved back and forth. This will save you a considerable amount of space really and the shower and tub combinations that come can actually be accommodated into rather small spaces because some tubs also are made in sizes at just sixty inches in length totally. Keeping things simple will always be the best method to go about this washroom design so keep that in mind.

Mount and Round That Vanity

You should always make sure that you do not bruise your hips while walking in the washroom because the space is narrow and your vanity happens to have sharp corners. Instead choose vanities that will have rounded corners. Not only will this help in terms of how the setup looks but it will also be safer and more practical. On the other hand, you can also mount the vanity above the floor which allows you to store items underneath and gives you a bit more of free space while contributing to a great finesse.

Use Large Scale Tile Patterns

Do not go with small scale tile patterns because they will make the place look and feel even smaller than it is supposed to be. But when you choose something with a large-scale pattern like a single wide stripe for instance, the space can look and feel bigger even though it is in reality quite small. Make sure that you discuss with your interior designer as well when you plan out the layout of your washroom so that you have access to more knowledge and input.

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