How to Plan Your Wedding in New York City

Planning your special day in the city that never sleeps sounds like a dream. But it does not have to be just a dream. If you are hoping to tie the knot in New York City, here are some ideas to make your dream come true.

Choosing a Venue

The city has many wonderful venues and event spaces to hold a wedding. You can choose either an indoor space where you can have an intimate wedding ceremony including only your loved ones or an outdoor ceremony, with the view of the Hudson River or the East river or a quite rooftop celebration.You will have plenty of choices to choose from for a picturesque venue. Some of the most popular places are Brooklyn Winery, Bryant Park Grill, Manhattan Penthouse, My Moon restaurant and The Foundry.


The most important step in getting married in New York is getting your marriage license. This can be obtained from the marriage bureau at the City Clerk’s office by providing them proper identification and paying the due fee of $35. Make sure you have your passports or any other documents of identification with you. This license will be valid for sixty days and you can have the ceremony of the wedding after twenty-four hours of receiving the license. After that all you need is a marriage officiate who is registered by the city clerk to hold the ceremony. Apart from the above venues, if you want an easier and a quicker way, the City Hall is also a venue you can choose for the ceremony.


Once you decide to move your wedding to New York City, and are planning to invite out-of-town guests, you will need to think of how to accommodate them. Look for hotels near your wedding venue, with reasonable prices. Send invitations to your guests as early as possible since this will give them enough time to prepare for the wedding and settle the matters with accommodation plans. Let your guests know more than one option for hotels – both affordable as well as pricier places – around the venue, so that they can choose whatever they are most comfortable with staying. This will let them too enjoy their time at the city and have a mini vacation.

Do Not Forget

Among other big plans, there are few important matters you might forget. One of them is to be aware of the weather. January and June are considered the coldest and the hottest months of the year respectively. However, since the weather can be quite unpredictable, keep an eye out for any sudden changes, especially if you are planning an outdoor party. Sometimes you might have to think of your dress designs to accommodate the venue, especially if it is outside. Think what kind of dresses, makeup and hairdos will go with the weather at your venue. Also, hire a photographer to capture all the valuable moments. Get recommendations from friends, family or even reviews on official sites before hiring a photographer NYC to capture your memories.

Once the above matters are complete, the hardest parts are done. Planning your big day in the city – busiest and most famous city – can sometimes be a bit stressful. But stick to above ideas and have your own to do list ready. This will give you a more organized and stress-less plan to work with.

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