Major Things to Consider When Buying Scented Candles

There are numerous reasons why people buy scented candles. They could be used as a decorative accessory, to make the home smell great, to evoke a warm and cosy atmosphere and of course to provide light if in case the electricity suddenly went out.

You might think that buying scented candles is a no brainer but the truth is there are some considerations that you have to think about before you buy one because if you buy a low-quality candle, it could be a fire risk, the scent that you purchase might not be as strong as you want it to be and the smoke and fume might be dangerous.

The wax

The wax used in scented candles varies. There is paraffin wax, beeswax, soy wax and microcrystalline wax. Knowing the differences between the waxes could help you make an informed choice on what scented candle is best for your home or office use. Paraffin waxes are commonly used in salon and beauty centres because they are colourless and odorless. But when it comes to candles, best to avoid candles made out of this wax because they burn fast and the scents added to these candles are not as strong as one hopes to be.

Beeswax candles also tend to burn quickly but are very effective in holding scents, although there are some candles made out of beeswax that could burn slowly. It tends to be expensive because of how effective they are in emitting the scent that is added to the wax. Soy wax on the other hand is the preferred choice by frequent candle buyers because it is cheaper than beeswax, it burns longer and aromatic.

Microcrystalline wax is derived from oil and is used to customize the candle’s features to personalize and tailor the design and look. Paraffin is sometimes added to beeswax and soy wax candles to help the wax adhere to the glass, jar or tin container. Fortunately, Lumira scented candles are made out of numerous waxes to give the buyers various choices.

The wick

When buying scented candles make sure that the core at the end of the wick is made out of central zinc and not lead which is dangerous to your health. Asking the sales assistant and or professional about the wick and whether it is treated with inorganic salts would help you determine how fast or slow the candle will burn. The diameter of the wick also affects how fast the candle will burn because it influences the size of the flame. The bigger the flame, the faster the candle burns.

The scent

Burning candles have been proven to help in rest and relaxation. If this is your main purpose for buying candles, choosing lavender, chamomile, ylangylang, rosemary and or bergamot scented candle could help calm you. Citrus scented candles on the other hand are stimulating and are best lighted in the morning. Knowing the intended use of the scents could help you make the choice on which candle you need to buy.

With these three considerations in mind, you’d be able to enjoy your scented candles longer and without worry about your health and those who would be smelling the fumes.

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