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Tips for Creating Content in the Age of Fake News

Content writing in 2019 is under siege. In the age of fake news, content faces heightened scrutiny that may negatively affect marketers. The rules of content creation constantly changes. This time, rather than being driven by user demands, the phenomenon of online misinformation should have digital marketers concerned about what […]


Reduce Allergy Attacks by Allergy-Proofing Your Home

Allergy attacks can range from mild to severe symptoms. Although it can be managed through anti-allergy medications, the symptoms can get quite annoying especially when it hinders your normal functioning. Luckily, you can actually avoid this misery when your allergy-proof your home. While it takes some time to get used […]


How to Start an Energy-Efficient Business

Commercial establishments are among the highest consumers of energy. However, most of this energy goes to waste because of the way a typical business run. It might not be noticeable at first but later on, high electric costs greatly affect the progress of a company. Cut your electric expenses and […]