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How to Plan a Boat Vacation in Australia

Hoping to go on an amazing boating vacation off the coast of Australia? Here are several very important tips regarding planning:

Set a Budget and Decide on Dates and the Number of People

First of all, sit down and set a budget for your vacation. Account for things such as boat hire, meals, fuel costs if needed, and other similar associated costs. You will have to decide the dates and the number of people carefully as well. The type and size of the boat you want to hire will depend on the number of people you plan on bringing board. While boat prices vary largely depending on the make and model, the size of the boat is a major factor in cost estimates as well. It’s important to decide on the dates in advance because of several factors. Mainly, the weather during the time you want to go boating should be suitable for sailing. Then, the the accessibility of the wharf will depend on the dates as well. On some days, the wharf or nearby roads may be closed.

Hire a Boat Matching Your Budget and Requirements

Once you know the number of people you want to sail with and have a budget in mind, then you can go on to hire a boat. There are many service providers, such as the highly reputed Go online and check out the boats and services on offer. You can compare the prices available for hiring a boat for an hour. When deciding, make sure you ask important questions such as the amenities on board. Do you want to spend your vacation without a smartphone? If not, make sure there are charging stations on board. Some boats do not have power or similar amenities on board, so make sure you know what’s inside before you rent the boat.

Make Sure the Wharf is Open

You will have to inquire with the boating rental service and the local governments regarding wharf accessibility. Wharfs in Australia are generally open during all year. But weather conditions and public holidays may limit accessibility. For example, it’s common for most local governments to close the nearby roads going to the wharf on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, account for these factors when you plan your vacation, as mentioned above.

Make a List of Things You Might Need

Don’t forget to make a list of all things you will need for your vacation. Keep in mind that you are not going on a road trip and won’t be able to pull over to a store in case you need something in a hurry. Therefore, you need to buy everything you need before getting on board. Make sure you pack extras of prescription and allergy medication. You might want to grab snacks and extra clothes as well, especially if food is not being provided by the rental service. Make a checklist in advance so you don’t forget anything.

If you are planning on stops at cities or attractions, these will have to be planned in advance. You will have to inform the boat rental company and also check if tickets are needed to dock.

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