Refrigerator Maintenance Tips For Everyone

Refrigerator has become an important part in everyone’s kitchen. In fact, when it comes to cooking and preparing meals in the kitchen, sometimes the refrigerator is a vital part. But in order to ensure that you can use your refrigerator whenever you want to store something or keep your desserts till they are set, you need to take care of it. Here are some important tips to remember when cleaning your refrigerator.

Check the Doors

One of the most important things to look out for when taking care of your fridge is the door seal. Check to make sure there are no food residue collected on them. If there are, you can use a brush to gently clean it off. You also should check if the door seals are working properly. To check this the best is the ‘dollar bill test’. Take a bill and place it in-between the fridge door, half in, half out. If the dollar stays, your seals are working fine. If the dollar slips out, you will have to get the doors checked by a professional.

Clean Your Coils

If the condenser coils in a fridge are covered with dust or dirt, the fridge will not run properly. To avoid this, the coils has to be kept clean and free of any dirt. Remove the appliance from the power and check the coils. Usually, dirt including hair, pet hair and dust get collected in these. Use an old tooth brush or the brush attachment in the vacuum cleaner to clean out the dirt.

Keep it Filled

Keeping your fridge filled is a good way of maintaining the internal temperature of it. Thermal mass keeps the temperatures low. Storing many items inside help this. Even if you are not someone who cooks regularly, try to store some water bottles at least to keep the internal temperature low. The fridge also needs to be at the right temperature. The ideal temperature level is 7 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually freezer temperature is 0.

Use It the Right Way

No appliance or equipment will last long if you are not taking care of it. When opening and closing the fridge door, do it gently so that the seal will not be harmed. Also do not keep the doors of the fridge open for longer periods of time. Another thing to remember when using the fridge is to get the professional help if you need any reparations to happen, especially if you are not a tech generous, try not to take on all the reparations by yourself. Call for a refrigerator repair and service in Australia to help you out.

Proper maintenance can prevent your appliances from breaking down suddenly. Imagine having to store something but then not having your fridge. This will not only make you turn change your cooking plans but will also make the work in the kitchen more hectic. Therefore, take care of your fridge and do the maintenance work at the right time so that it stays as good as new.

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