Simple Tips for Improving Online Customer Engagement

Interacting with customers and driving engagement are the hallmarks of modern marketing. When most online promotions are done via social media, customer engagement is paramount for keeping your brand relevant. There is no magic formula that can improve your brand’s engagement with customers, and vice versa. However, the below suggestions may help:

Have an Active Social Media Presence

Want your brand’s name to be on trending posts? Want people to comment, like and share? Then your brand must have a highly active social media presence. Don’t create a Facebook page and only visit it once a week. Brands must invest in social media maintenance to engage with customers better.

Remember, social media is not just a marketing channel. It’s also a customer service representative. Your customers will engage with your brand with feedback and help requests on the top social media platforms. Therefore, your brand must have active and engaging social media pages to directly interact with the consumer. 

Try Storytelling Marketing with Video

Do the regular blog post your brand publish get only scant attention? Customer engagement is difficult to trigger with just blog posts and opinion pieces. If you want people to look at your site or profile page, make it highly visual. Mainly, create shareable content like photos and video.

Most brands these days have a storytelling format for creating advertisements. Video is the best format to tell stories. In fact, video content is highly likely to get shared around and prompt consumer responses. Plus, video is the best format for content to go viral.

There’s one downside to video though. It can be very hard and expensive to make videos. It’s highly recommended to seek out a video production company Melbourne before your content strategy includes visual promotional material.

Provoke Emotions with Content

Want consumers to fire away comments, likes, and perhaps even share your promotional content? Then create content that elicit emotional responses in the target audience. That is to say, make your target audience laugh or be intrigued by your videos.

Emotional provocation is highly effective in getting people to engage. However, make sure you elicit the right type of emotions—that is to say, positive—in your potential customers. Don’t outrage or offend the target audience with provocative material. In the age of social media, don’t expect bad content to be swept under the rug.

Create Opportunities for Customers to Provide Feedback

Allow in comments, messages, and mails from customers for online content. Brands these days may have a knee-jerk reaction to online comments. Sure, one or two trolls may appear.  However, an open and uncensored comments section is the best for getting customers engaged.

Uncensored doesn’t mean un-moderated. You must scan the comments sections for your content to eliminate spam and political messages. Keep in mind the Boaty McBoatface viral fiasco. The organization had good intentions in asking people to suggest a name for a research vessel. The result was Boaty McBoatface. Had the organization monitored the comments feed, this travesty may never have happened.

Driving customer engagement really boils down to content being intriguing and interesting enough to like, comment, or share. Keep these golden aspects in mind when creating content next to drive engagement.

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