Simple Tips to Increase Conversion Rates Among Millennial Customers

Millennial or young buyers continue to be a challenge for modern marketers. They do not buy things as easily as their parents’ generation did. Thanks to the ubiquity of the internet, they are also highly aware of all the product choices available to them. So the typical paid advertising campaign will never convince many millennials to flock to your products. Here are several suggestions that will:

Make Everything Faster

Millennial buyers expect fast internet services. They are the post-dial up generation, and they grew up expecting the internet to be fast. Therefore, don’t expect that millennial customers would be tolerant of snail-paces service in any aspect of your business. They will expect the site to load fast, the payment to go through even faster. Partner up with a web design company Australia to create a site that is as speedy as a millennial customer expects it to be. Keep in mind that lagging behind in this aspect only opens a window of opportunity for a competitor.

Make All Online Features Responsive

All online features must be responsive across various handheld devices. Meaning, all the components on your website must be able to load without any major issues on a variety of handheld devices with different screen sizes. A millennial customer is highly likely to access your brand’s online services using multiple devices. They will expect the services to be the same regardless of the device they are using. Therefore, make sure your business invests resources in making high levels of responsiveness a reality.

Offer an App for That

Millennials are hooked on to mobile applications for getting nearly everything done. Therefore, using a local app developer Adelaide to create a unique application for your brand can attract new millennial customers using smartphones and tablets. Make sure the application offers experiences in addition to simply services. The point of the mobile application should be to enhance the customer’s experience with your brand.

Invest in Unboxing Videos

Millennial customers, unlike older generations, are not easily swayed by paid ads, not matter how glossy they are. Rather, they prefer to depend on recommendations, referrals, and other customer reviews. They also consume overwhelming amounts of video content online. Therefore, make the best of both worlds and get millennial customers to convert using unboxing videos. In case you are wondering what these are, these are customer review videos, where the customer reviews start before the product has even been taken out of the packaging. These video reviews are highly popular online, gets shared around a lot, and is crucial in the pre-purchase decision making process.

Focus Less on Ads, and More on Word-of-Mouth

It’s highly advisable to spend fewer resources on traditional ads and engage more in world-of-mouth marketing. Create content that can get lots of shares on social media and prompts people to start talking about your brand (in a good way). Word-of-mouth marketing is highly effective overall, but it’s most effective among young customers.

Use one or two of the above tactics to attract millennial customers to your brand. Make sure you always test your audience and gather data to perfect the marketing tactics.

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