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Simple Ways to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Ecommerce Website

Want to attract more paying customers to your website? It’s easy enough to attract traffic to an ecommerce website. But getting the visitors to become paying customers is a whole another challenge. Increasing the conversion rate of your business site is less complicated than you might think. You can start with simple changes that are guaranteed to improve your site. Here are several of those changes:


Focus on One or Two Products

Obviously, you might have hundreds of products listed on your site for purchase. However, don’t overwhelm the customer with all these choices the moment they land on the homepage. Too many choices can leave the customer indecisive. Therefore, turn their attention to just one or two products on the site. Offer lucrative deals that will make them want to linger, browse, and ultimately make a purchase. Don’t put everything on a platter right away.

Cut Down the Site Loading Speed

Does your site take longer than 2 seconds to load? That’s a great indication that your website is lagging behind. An overwhelming majority of visitors abandon websites that don’t load under 2 seconds. Google even penalises mobile sites that take longer to load. Therefore, it’s very important to have a fast loading website. There are several ways to improve the loading speed of your site. While you make design changes, don’t forget the ecommerce hosting service provider as well. If you use a particular CMS, Drupal hosting provider for example, make sure the hardware is equipped to handle fast loading sites. Otherwise, the site would be slow no matter what you do.

Simplify the Overall Design

While it’s important to have a visually pleasing website, it’s unwise to bombard the visitors with too many visual cues and components. Your site design, above all else, must be simple. That is to say, it should be easy enough to view and navigate. It should be obvious for a new site visitor to understand the focus of your site with just a quick glance. Otherwise, your site’s uniqueness may escape the intended customer base.

Use an SSL Certificate

More and more consumers are increasingly becoming attuned to various cyber threats online. You can gain the trust of your target demographic by using an SSL certificate on your site. This is the label that indicates if your site is secure or unsecure. Most reputable website hosting Australia companies already include packages with an SSL certificate. Choose one of these plans to benefit from the added security.

Make the Site Highly Responsive

If your ecommerce portal does not load quickly without errors on handheld devices, then your competition would easily win. It’s easy enough to make a site responsive, which means that it loads the same on smartphone and tablet screens as it does on desktops. If the site is not responsive, then it will be shut out from throngs of shoppers using smartphones to do their shopping.

Last but not least, don’t forget the streamline the payment and transaction process. It should be fast, secure, and without any main obstacles. With that plus the above suggestions, your site could be as speedy as you like.

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