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Web Design Mistakes that Detracts Visitors from Making Online Purchases

Does your e-store suffer from low conversions no matter how high the incoming traffic is? There are many reasons why visitors may not end up becoming buyers. However, did you know that sometimes web design mistakes can prevent prospective customers from finalising a purchase? Here are some of the most common web design mistakes that can actually hurt your online store’s ability convert visitors to paying customers:

Slow Websites

The most common reason some high-traffic sites have low conversion rates is a slow website. Keep in mind that market research has shown on and on again that customers turn away from websites that take longer than 2 seconds to load. The quicker your site loads on any device, the lower the bounce rate will be. It’s important to note that it’s not just the homepage that should load faster. The payment getaway should be speedy as well. If a customer tries to make a purchase and the secure gateway keeps buffering, then don’t expect the customer to see it through. Therefore, make sure you hire a web developer to make your site as speedy as possible.

Non-Optimised Product Descriptions

Most e-stores are now optimised for search engines to drive traffic. But optimisation should never be limited to the homepage or a particular landing page. You should optimise each product description within the website. This is important to help customers find product with an in-site search. Also, product description can show up in overall search results as well. Besides, if a product isn’t followed by a keyword-optimised description, the chances of a visitor making a purchase is low. Therefore, partner up with a one of the well-known digital marketing companies to optimise your online store to drive conversions with tactics like optimising product descriptions.

Distractions Created by Competing Components

Brands spend a lot of money trying to make websites visually appealing. However, the overall design should not just stop at being appealing. It should be compelling as well. If your site is littered with various components, like unrelated images, plugins, or forms, it could distract from the buying process. Don’t show call-to-action buttons to sign up for a newsletter alongside a product on sale. Simplify the website design so customers are not confused about what to buy or how to buy.

Lack of Mobile Responsiveness

If your site is not adequately mobile responsive, then you will lose a large chunk of customers who rely on handheld devices to access the net. Therefore, make sure your website is optimally responsive and is optimised for mobile search.

Too Many Choices being Offered

If customers are offered too many choices, then they start to second guess themselves. The result is no one buying what you offer. The purchase process should always be very clear. Offer customers a single clear choice and make the checkout process very speedy. It’s easy to make a choice when only one option is available to you. Therefore, make sure the website is not littered with too many choices.

In the end, the web design should make the unique value proposition of your brand very clear to visitors. Then they will become paying customers.

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