When Is it Time To Leave Your Job?

If you’re thinking about leaving your job, you’re probably looking for a push so that you can accomplish the task. Hence, we’ll be running through the various reasons why one would want to leave their job. Hopefully, this article provides the push you need, so keep reading.

Get Your Gratuity

If you’ve been a part of the company for a while, you’re entitled to a large sum of money when you leave. This sum is known as a gratuity and is what many people use to live when they retire from their job. Of course, each company has its own regulations when it comes to the gratuity due. For example, company ‘X’ may add your overtime for the year’s you’ve worked into your cheque, while company ‘Z’ may not.

Although there are changes like this from business-to-business, the general calculation of your gratuity is through your country’s local laws- more specifically, its labour laws.

If you’re looking to leave with your gratuity, it’s recommended that you first find out how much you’re due. You can easily do this through online calculators. Along with your gratuity, if you’ve ever been put in harm’s way, a workers compensation calculator could help you get more money.

You’re Bored Of Work

Having to do the same tasks over and over again would leave you bored. This may make work unbearable for you, especially if you’re in a career you never had interested in joining. If this is you, you should leave your job as this constant boredom is not the best for your mental health. Over time, it can make you depressed.

Why should you lead yourself to depression when you can easily alter the situation you’re in?

Do You Want Better Pay?

You can leave the place you’re currently in for an equally great place that offers a larger salary. The surge in cash will benefit your family as it will make your life easier. So, there is nothing wrong with finding a job that would allow for this.

That being said, you may only be able to find a job like this if you have a certain experience. Because the higher the pay, the more experience the job title would require so you’d have to stick with your current employers until you require this work experience.

That being said, you should be careful before you leave as your contract may not allow you to until a certain time period is reached. So, read it well before you decide to take this decision up.

Can You Advance?

You may have a great job with good pay but you’re stuck in one position. This is as there’s no place for improvement and you can’t rise up the hierarchy as you’ve already reached the highest position available for you. This would leave you with no motivation, so leave your job for another one if this is you.

Are You Being Overworked?

If you’re getting too much work for you to handle, it’s time you found a new job. This constant stress will affect your health would hinder your social life. It would especially be horrible if you weren’t getting paid for all the extra work you were doing.

If you consider the above information, you’ll see the many reasons why someone would want to leave their job.

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